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  • Title: Ryuko No Ken
  • Author: SEEP
  • Original concept: SNK/Technos
  • Genre: beat em up/platform
  • Date: 2009
  • Players: 1-2
  • Language: English/Italian
  • Engine: OpenBOR
  • OS: Windows
  • License: Freeware
Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu carries you into the world of Techno based Kunio-Kun series with characters from the famous masterpiece of SNK'S Art of Fighting (in Japan known as Ryuko No Ken). Sprites are totally redesigned by SEEP on templatesin River City Ransom (critically considered the best with thebackground of the series).
The soundtrack is entirely composed of SEEP, that not only is inspired by the Techno or SNK games, but also other major series such as Streets of Rage or Final Fight. 

  • Sprites are totally redesigned by SEEP on templatesin River City Ransom.
  • SEEP original soundtrack.
  • All cast of Art of Fightig is now playable!
  • 99 Stages.
  • 4 game modes (Arcade,Mission,Nettou e Densetsu Tag).
  • Branch system, choose your favorite chapter of Art of Fighting.
  • Too many guest star(helper as Freia or famous people).
  • Dynamic action: platform, beat em up, rancing, 1vs1, run... all in one!
  • Own set moves for all characters.
  • Defeat all bosses and enemies.
  • 10 different colors for any characters.
Quotes on Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu:
"This is one of the best OpenBor mods from all time" (from Youtube feedback) 

More info: click here
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bandiera italiana
  • Titolo: Ryuko No Ken
  • Autore: SEEP
  • Concetto originale: SNK/Technos
  • Genere: beat em up/platform
  • Data: 2009
  • Giocatori: 1-2
  • Lingua: inglese/italiano
  • Engine: OpenBOR
  • OS: Windows
  • Licenza: Freeware
Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu vi trasporta nel mondo della Technos ispirandosi alla serie Kunio-Kun con personaggi tratti dal famoso masterpiece di SNK Art of Fighting (in Giappone conosciuto come Ryuko No Ken).
Gli Sprite sono totalmente ridisegnati da SEEP sui modelli di River City Ransom (dalla critica considerato il migliore della serie) con background inediti.
Anche la colonna sonora è interamente composta da SEEP, che non solo si ispira ai giochi Technos o SNK, ma anche ad altri grandi serie come Streets of Rage e Final Fight. 

  • Sprite interamente disegnati da SEEP.
  • Colonna sonora composta da SEEP.
  • L'intero cast di personaggi selezionabili tratti dalla trilogia di Art of Fighting.
  • 99 Stage esclusivi.
  • 4 Opzioni(Arcade,Mission,Nettou e Densetsu Tag).
  • Varie strade durante il gico:rivivi l'esperienza di ogni capitolo di Art of Fighting.-Varie guest star (helper come Freia o tifosi sullo sfondo).
  • Azione varia:lotta,armi,percorsi di guida,sezioni platform e action.
  • Set-Moves esclusivo per ogni personaggio.
  • Moltitudine di Boss e nemici.
  • 10 differenti palette per ogni personaggio.
Dicono su Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu:
"Il gameplay è stupendo, se alcuni stage sono piuttosto tosti da finire non farete quasi mai la stessa cosa: combatterete in comuni risse da strada,
sopra treni in corsa, a bordo del furgone della SEEP (!), in epici duelli in stile picchiaduro ad incontri e molto altro ancora."
(da Idealsoft) 

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[Mirror linkwith Install file]

21 Responses so far.

  1. Hanzo says:

    Can't wait to see this in fruition Kriz and the SEEP team!

  2. Invasato says:

    Non vedo l' ora di provarlo, adoro la serie Nekketsu Kunio Kun

  3. S.E.E.P. says:

    Comments from first Video on YouTube:

    this reminds me of streets of rage

    hope to see this mod finished soon!!! Cheers!!!

    SNK and Technos? Two great tastes that taste great together.

    cool man i like the river city ransom style for this i always thought the first aof was like river city ransom lol except instead of finding the main chars girlfriend your finding ryos sister

    You should make haoshokoken bigger and make it pass through enemies.

    This looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I always thought AoF would be a kickass beat em up.

    SWEET! Good luck with this project, guys! I'm definitely watching out for this one.

    This looks really cool.

    This is is awesome! ORA ORA!

    very funny lol

    lol funny

  4. idealsoft says:

    Grandissimi ! Ma dov'è il link per scaricarlo ?

  5. Talic : says:

    Plzz Help!! :wow!:
    When i open the "Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu Install.exe" i got this error:

    any idea?

  6. Ripfire says:
    Questo commento è stato eliminato da un amministratore del blog.
  7. Anonimo says:

    Awesome work dude!

  8. Ripfire says:

    Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu For Sega Dreamcast?

  9. Anonimo says:

    I have a problem, when I run your game a vista exception error appears.
    Please help me cause i see the video and seem good.

  10. This Game works on Sega Dreamcast?

  11. Psykotine says:

    This is a great and funny game !!!

    are you finish the portage for DC ???

    I can’t Wait

    Big Thanks to you

  12. Po.B.R.E. says:

    Hi SEEP, I have problems to download the PC version, appears an DNS error for zshare download.
    Do you can check this?


  13. S.E.E.P. says:


    I re-upload Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu...
    Now is disponible New Download from MegaUpload.

    Thank you for all!

  14. Anonimo says:

    Grande gioco mi sono divertito moltissimo a completarlo tutto.
    Bel lavoro vi dò un eccellente!

  15. Ripfire says:

    Gracias Por Añadir el enlace este juego a tu pagina. Se añadio el enlace de mi pagina a la de ustedes.

    Thank you for adding the link this game to your page. He added the link to my page to yours.

  16. Anonimo says:

    Dear Kriz, I'm Goro's Lair from Lavalit and I've been following your work since Golden Axe Genesis (a nice work)and I also could get another mod (P.O.W 2010)... I liked it too. Currently I've been waiting for Ikari Warriors 2010, but I can wait!

    Well, but I'm here to let you know that the PC version you uploaded at Megaupload is for up 2 players simultaneos and not 4... could you reupload the 4 players version for PC?

    Thanks and keep your marvelous work, buddy!


  17. S.E.E.P. says:

    Hello goro!
    I'm glad you liked Our works!

    For select four players change settings on options of openbor!

    See ya!

  18. Ripfire says:

    Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu (Full Version) for Sega Dreamcast - [url=]Download Here[/url]. Thanks for this game (^.^)

  19. Anonimo says:

    the pc version is off please put it again!!!! thanks

  20. S.E.E.P. says:

    Thanks... Now Pc version is on-line!!

  21. Ripfire says:

    Reupload, DreamCast version is on-line!! (^.^)

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