Disco Caldo - Casual - 2019 - Android

About Disco Caldo:

Disco Caldo is a frenzied puzzle arcade game where the only rule is: put order in chaos!
With just a few rules, Disco Caldo is perfect for players who want to have fun without losing any time!
Test your reflexes with this simple puzzle, touch the bombs and destroy as many discs as you can!
But watch out: time and chaos play against you!


Mr Devil is the owner of the Disco Caldo club and he's desperate: a lot of folk music discs invaded his club. So, Miss Devil
decides to handle the situation and help her boss.
With her bombs, she's ready to get rid of those folk discs!


  • Frenzied puzzle: you will think you're playing an action game!
  • Easy to get in, hard to put down!
  • 2 game modes: arcade mode and mission mode!
  • Improve your Rank and unlock hidden trophies!
  • Customize your game!
  • Reach the highest of scores!
  • Tv Mode: scansline filter!
  • Pixel art and chiptune music for a very retro style!
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